How I found my other half.

So one day I was in my bed, watching TV over there in Venezuela, and my mom came into my bedroom and said: I want you to come with my a your brother to see my friend in Indianapolis so I’m going to get you a ticket, and I was in my head: okay that’s cool, I never been there, why not?.. Then I told my mom: alright I’m down for it. Then couple months we was about to boar an airplane to go to the United States, that day  we landed in Atlanta for the customs to stamp our passports – was the must biggest line I ever seen in my life, then after we cross to the Atlanta airport we waited about two hours for our flight. Then we landed in Indianapolis the 12/19/2013 – Almost about 3 years holy sh*t I just realized this, anyways, that day we went to my mom’s friend studio where he used to teach Zumba

Love at first sight?                             

And that specific day, the day my life change 360 degrees in my entire LIFE! I meet this girl, that moment was when you know you have chemistry with that person, was automatically connection the second we saw each other eyes, everything in my mind was in blank, I didn’t know what to do and of couse what to say – just wanted to highlight that my English was so bad, my English was just; YES, NO – I didn’t the difference between no and not, BEUTIFULL, BATHROOM, WATER and I LOVE YOU of course. I tried to talk to her in the must ugly basic English that I’m pretty sure she ever ever hear before, I saw her doing Zumba and I was impressed of how good she was, I was staring at her like a mother f*cker pervert, but I didn’t mean to, I just was contemplating her cute face – and butt!. After a couple days or so I asked for her phone number because I was about to go to Texas – without any idea of how I was about to text her but I definitely wanted to try, then I flew to Texas to meet an old middle school friend, spent time there about a week and flew back to Indiana for Christmas time, but by then she had an idea that helped to change our life forever! Since that day we start calling it our best friend, Google Translator, it really helped us to understand each other for everything we needed, and I’m talking about everything LOL! But after that I was so into knowing her better and better because she catches my heart, I don’t know how, but she did. After so many conversations I start picking up some sentences and words, I started adding all that to my vocabulary – still pretty short today’s days.

Our first kiss

New Year eve got there, the 12/31/2013 another round change for our life, once I saw her got through that door in my mom’s friend’s house I think was around 9:15 p.m., my heart jumped so happy, I had a big smile in my face, she looked so beautiful. Was 00:05 a.m. everyone was saying happy new year, everyone was hugging, and then her mom said: take a picture together, and after her mom took that picture, her mom said again: now a picture kissing, I think my face ever got so red, I was so so so nervous, could you imagine the mother of the girl that you like so much said that? Because I couldn’t, then our first kiss happened, was the most happy day of my life, finally I kissed her.

We decided to start dating; she showed me Indianapolis, we went to eat several times. Was kind of funny because my mom got mad at me because I didn’t hang out with them at all LOL. Then after 4 weeks hanging out together almost every single day her parents gave me the most amazing opportunity I ever had in my life, they told me that I could move to the US with them and they will help me for whatever I need. After that I made the decision to work super hard to come back to the US.

My last week with her

By this time around 01/15/2014 was my last week in the United States, I was so sad because I didn’t wanted to leave her, I wanted to stay with her forever!, but I got stuff to do in Venezuela, that week went by so fast, by the Monday 01/20/2014 my mom, my brother and I was getting everything ready for leave the next day, we spent the day together, at the place, we was so sad because we didn’t know if we got the opportunity to see each other again, even if I tried so hard, we didn’t know that could be possible. That night was the must tight hug that ever gave me. My heart was falling in parts that night, I tried to go the next day to the Zumba studio, but I couldn’t because I had get good rest for the next day. I weak up early the 01/21/2014 for our flight, I got ready and then I hear couple cars parking outside, and when I saw her and another girl from the Zumba studio to say goodbye to us, I got so happy to see her. We squeeze in the car, so she could go with us, then we got in the airport about 45 minutes after, we gave the last hug in the airport. That day, in that airport I knew I was about to come back to see her again.




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