Expanding your creativity


Since I was kid, I loved to drawing, always wanted to do something cool, express in paper plus I always was curious in how everything works – that’s why I always was in troubles because I use to destroyed everything, just because I wanted to see how that works lol. One day at school, a teacher taught me how to use and how to draw with a grid, and my mind started to exploit after that day, I wanted to draw every tv show that I used to watched, one of them, and the first to inspired me to start drawing “Dragon Ball” series. I draw every single chapter in my favorite show, getting better every drawing, then I wanted to do something different to get out of the routine, then I started to drawing pokemons, draw cars and motorcycle.
On day at school in art classes I got a homework, I had to make my favourite figure in clay, by then I never have a class for clay, never practice any techniques, then I wanted to make a Centaur, how? I have no idea, but I wanted ti make it, then I grabbed wires for the body – because will be to expensive use all that clay for a figure. Then I started to put all the the stuff together, made the body, the 4 legs, the torso and the arms, and put all the clay together and “BOOM” I made my first figure!!… The must happy part is that I got 20 pts (equivalent to a A+ in USA). Sadly I left all those arts in my hose in Venezuela, but one day I will bring all that back to my hands.

Today I haven’t draw a lot since I move to the US but I have made few drawings, drawings that I love!!
You can follow me in my instagram account to see more of them: @harly_caxixi
I will share with you guys more of them, more of my arts!! And soon I will open my YouTube channel.
Thank you so much to those that take the time to read a little bit of this.
If you feel like you can’t draw, but you want to try, just grab a piece of paper, a pencil and start doing lines, yes, lines, you will see from there you start getting ideas, start with something simple, a hand, a cube, an apple, then go harder and up, but challenge yourself to do it. You will feel how relaxing this can be.


This is my last one! I will show you the final art soon! Stay tuned
Let me know what do you think.

All the drawings are under my rights.

Adventures Legion


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